About me

My Story

First of all, thankyou for visiting my site. My name is Letitia and I'm a birth worker based in South Liverpool.

Following the birth of my first baby in 2015 I felt inspired to help mothers who need someone impartial to inform, advocate and support them before, during and after the birthing process as this was something I found hard to do at the time.

My second child's birth informed my work further, as it was a home birth turned emergency cesarean. Many elements of this birth were traumatic, and this inspired me to set up Liverpool Birth Trauma Support, a peer led group that meet monthly to have a chat, share stories and eat cake! It also gives me the drive to further advocate for those caught up in position whereby a former trauma is affecting the way they view birth.

I am an independent Doula and I am a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, I love supporting mums in their choices, whatever they may be and allowing them to achieve their goals with regards to infant feeding. 

I also spent 2019-2021 as a maternity support worker for the NHS, this role allowed me to keep my knowledge and practice up to date on a holistic and supportive level. I now hold a position within a Specialist Perinatal MH team as a full time Physical Health Practitioner, this limits some of the Doula based commitments I can provide right now, but in this role, I am constantly learning and upskilling, once again in an holistic environment.

I pride myself on being as approachable as possible and love to chat about my services with no obligation, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me

My Training
My Philosophy
Dance in Community and Education BA (Hons)
Liverpool John Moores University 2007

I won't make decisions for you, this is your journey

I won't push my own agenda

I will support you, no matter your decisions

I will ensure safe practice at all times in my sessions

PGCE Adult Education

Staffordshire University 2015

Doula Certification

Nurturing Birth 2017 

Breastfeeding Support- Protecting Breastfeeding

Open Awards 2016