What is a Rebozo?

A rebozo is a woven piece of fabric used by Mexican women as a shawl, a baby carrier (similar to the way we use a wrap, but the fabric is not as long), and a comfort and positioning tool for pregnancy and childbirth.

Rebozo Use during and before Childbirth

Techniques for the Rebozo prior to and during childbirth include:

  • "sifting" the mother

  • to aid in the double hip squeeze

  • rocking or dangling the mother

  • covering the mother's eyes and ears to block distractions

  • for the mother to pull on, especially during pushing

The "sifting" technique is the most well-known uses of the rebozo in birth. It is a method jiggle a woman, similar to what Ina May Gaskin calls "shaking the apples." The motion promotes relaxation of the birthing muscles, which can aid in rotation and descent of the baby. 

My treatments can be utilised for 'overdue' mothers or to attempt to get baby into a more favourable position prior to childbirth, the hour session in your home includes;

Bump Massage

Moxibustion (for positioning)

Sifting in a number of positions


Belly Dance/Active positions

Foot and Back Massage 

There is significant evidence that having a treatment such as this instead of, or prior to ECV can increase the likelihood of baby engaging in a favourable position.

The technique can also be a relaxing way to introduce the mother into labour.

Cost for one session (overdue/positioning); £35 (inc travel if more than 30 mins away)

I also offer Rebozo as part of my supporting births as standard.