Antenatal Sessions-Birth Support-Postnatal Support-Breastfeeding Support-Gentle Fitness and Well being

Below is an example of the Doula services I offer, these can be set as a package or booked individually (EG Postnatal only, Antetatal only etc), prices are a general idea and will be based on the individual circumstances of each birth.

I am currently working toward the Doula UK recognition process, meaning that my charges are slightly lower than those of a Doula who is recognised by the organisation.

Free Consultation (1 hour)

All support services I offer come with a free consultation with no obligation. This is your opportunity to tell me what you need, your preferences and my opportunity to get to know you.

Phone & Email Support 

No matter what service you require, you may email or ring me for the duration of that service for support, practical advice or just a listening ear.

2 Antenatal Visits 

These can include my assistance with your birth and feeding preferences, comfort measures during birth, information regarding your choices, active birth sessions, 4th trimester info, all of which are based around your needs and wants. 

During Birth

I will provide consistent practical and emotional support to you and your family in any way you would like me to during the birth of your baby, this can mean advocating for you, assisting with making you more comfortable, use of rebozo, having an extra pair of hands, being a sole birth partner or just making the cups of tea! 

Postnatal follow-up visits

I will visit twice after the birth to debrief and discuss your experience and assist with any practical questions you may have, provide a listening ear, hold baby while you shower, assist with any breastfeeding issues you may have and signpost to those who may be able to help further...the list goes on!

An example of a birth doula package can include 2 antenatal visits, the birth of your baby and two postnatal visits. This would cost around £350, making the individual services more cost effective for yourselves. 


Postnatal Doula

Following an initial meeting, I am available to spend 20+ hours with you (no upper limit) offering feeding support, emotional and practical support to you and your family, including night Doulaing, as soon as straight after birth with no length of time stipulated. Price is based on an hourly rate of £15 p/hr.

As a Doula, I will never:

Perform any clinical tasks

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

Make decisions for you 

Research shows that having a doula present can

Shorten first-time labour by an average of 2 hours
Decrease the need for oxytocin to speed up labour
Reduce forceps deliveries by up to 40%
Decrease the chance of caesarean section by 50%
Decrease the need for pain medication
Reduce requests for epidiral by up to 60%
Help fathers participate with confidence
Increase success in breast-feeding