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Down to Earth Birthing

A Birth Preparation session designed to educate, inform and support new families looking for an evidence based birth.

The course focuses on preparing for plans A, B and C, so you have full control over your birth at all times.

The sessions follows the following structure:

Week 1- Birth 101-stages, types of birth, how the human body births, interventions etc

Week 2 - Pain relief, active birth (practical).

Week 3 - Birth partners and how they can assist, after the birth (includes infant feeding)

Week 4 - Planning session for both birth and the immediate Postnatal period.

2 hour long session cost £40 (£20 deposit required)

Each session includes access to my own resources, further information on areas of interest via email and a handout of the session content.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me via email, phone or this site if you think this is something you would benefit from.